About Us

Hello, my name is Luke Abitz, and my family and I run New Breed Snowmobile Parts, which we took over from the original owner Matt Spiece in August of 2022 and moved to Hortonville, Wisconsin.  We are located right on the snowmobile trail in downtown.  My first John Deere is also the current John Deere I ride, a 1983 Trailfire LX I purchased in the winter of '05-'06 with just 200 mi on the odometer.  Since then, I have racked up more than 10,000 mi riding all over Wisconsin.  I have also owned and operated Sportfires and late model Liquifires.   

My goal with New Breed Parts is to continue to keep snowmobiling supported and accessible now and for future riders to come.  In addition to Deere parts we also have extensive access to parts for all makes and models at competitive prices.  Feel free to inquire anytime; we are happy to accommodate!  

Many Thanks,

Luke Abitz