About Us

Hello, my name is Matthew Spiece, and I run New Breed Snowmobile Parts, which I founded in 2014.  I also founded the web site that became JDsleds.com starting in about 1999.  I got my first John Deere snowmobile at around 13 years old, a 1973 400 that my Grandfather had purchased new.  I have collected many models of John Deere over the years, and Kawasaki more recently.  

My goal when starting Newbreedparts.com was to provide a source of parts that included accurate application information.  Listings in many of the existing catalogs or stores were often confusing, incorrect, or lacking detail when it came to defunct snowmobile brands.  Many items have also been removed from catalogs, when they are actually still in production.  We have also provided a resource for individuals who reproduce parts on their own by selling these items on a more consistent and ongoing bases.