Gas Shock- John Deere Skis, 1978 Suspension

Gas Shock- John Deere Skis, 1978 Suspension

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Aftermarket SPI Gas Shock Absorber

Dimensions: OPEN:10-1/4" CLOSED: 7-1/8" TOP ID: 3/8" BOTTOM ID: 3/8"

This shock will fit John Deere snowmobile skis with the following changes:

  • This shock is designed to be used in a Polaris suspension so it has threads and retainers for a coil-over shock. The retainers can be un-screwed and removed.
  • The orignal shock bolts do not fit in the eye, however an M10 bolt will fit and is only slightly smaller then the stock bolts.
  • Your ski may require spacers on the top and possibly the bottom of the shock, depending on what version of the ski you have.